Lumos PV Power Systems offer Battery Storage Installation

Having a solar PV system installed on your home or workplace building would bring many benefits, including relatively inexpensive energy. However, with electricity having become more expensive, it would be in your interest for you to use every unit of electricity you generate.

Through having battery storage added to your solar PV system, you would be able to store energy in solar batteries so that you can actually expend that energy at a time suitable for you. Lumos can provide solar battery storage for domestic and commercial properties in Oxford and the Cotswolds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Basically, with battery storage in place for your solar PV system, you wouldn’t be forced to use solar energy straight after it is generated. Lumos can simply add solar batteries to an existing solar PV system or install the system itself, too, if your domestic or commercial property does not already have one.

Either way, the batteries could help you to increase self-consumption and, as a result, streamline your energy expenditure, as there would be a lessened need for you to keep producing new solar energy afresh. You could, for example, store excess daytime solar power and then use it in the evening hours.

Three popular configurations for battery storage are known as grid interactive, DC coupled and off-grid. The grid interactive system works in tandem with the electricity grid, while a DC coupled system stores solar power for use later. An off-grid system, meanwhile, is ideal for customers lacking access to the grid.

How to enquire with Lumos

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