Lumos PV Power Systems offer Solar Hybrid Inverter Installation

The solar panels of a solar PV system capture direct current (DC) electricity. However, for you to be able to safely power your home with the use of solar energy, you would need to have the DC electricity converted to alternating current (AC). A solar inverter can do the job of converting this energy.

A high-quality inverter can thus be crucial to maximising the amount of power you source from your solar panels. If you are arranging for Lumos to install a solar PV system including battery storage at your Cotswolds domestic or commercial property, a hybrid inverter can be well worth adding, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

When connected to a solar PV system, a hybrid inverter can convert the incoming DC into AC, as is the standard purpose of an inverter.

However, if your solar panels generate more energy than you need at that particular point, a hybrid inverter can usefully send this power to battery storage before the conversion process begins, as solar batteries actually store electricity in DC form. Alternatively, the inverter can channel the excess energy to the grid.

A hybrid inverter can comprise fewer components than many alternative inverters. As a result, there are fewer points of failure, and you can help yourself to streamline the overall cost of installation.

An installer from Lumos PV Power Systems Ltd can integrate a hybrid inverter directly into a solar battery, enabling the overall array’s performance to be centrally monitored. It is also often advised that, if you are looking to replace an existing solar inverter, you opt for a hybrid converter.

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