Solar panel aesthetics

Solar panel installations are becoming more and more accessible, and it has been proven how much they can help you cut down on energy bills as well as your carbon footprint. Solar panels work by creating renewable solar energy. The most efficient solar panels can earn you your money back fairly quickly, and the smart export guarantee (SEG) even means you can make more money from selling back the excess solar energy that you don’t use. However, if you want to install solar panels, there is one common issue that might be stopping you: the aesthetics of it. Whether it is business or residential solar panels, some people are opposed to the stereotypical large, clunky pieces of equipment. But luckily, that might all be about to change. Read on to find out how the visuals behind solar panel systems are changing for the better and how you can upgrade your home without sacrificing the aesthetics of it.

Modern solar panels are changing for the better

Over the years, solar panel designs have improved significantly. Nowadays, many panels look sleek and modern without drawing too much attention to themselves. As a result, they can blend in with the other features of your property more easily – whether it’s a roof tile or a flat wall.

Better technology means sleeker designs

The technology behind solar panels is also becoming much thinner and lighter than before. Some panels are only a few millimetres thick and almost weightless, making them easy to install without making any significant alterations to the structure of your property.

Adding property value without ruining the aesthetics

Not only are these types of solar panel systems more efficient, but they also add aesthetic value to your home or business. Aesthetics can be key when it comes to property appeal – a neat, modern solar panel installation can look very attractive, and it shows that you are taking advantage of the technological advances of green energ

Types of solar panels you can consider

Aesthetic appeal is increasingly becoming a key factor in solar panel installations. People want to show off their commitment to sustainable living without sacrificing the beauty of their property. There are a few options available for those who see visuals as an important factor, so if the same ideals apply to you, here are a few of the solutions that could make all the difference.

Flat roof mounted system

A flat roof mounted system is a great option if you’re looking for something that’s both efficient and attractive. This type of installation involves putting the panels on a flat roof without the use of any fixings, using a ballasted system for optimal durability. It requires minimal adjustments to the architecture of your property, and as long as it’s done professionally, the solar panels can look almost seamless with the rest of the structure itself.

Wall mounted systems

Wall-mounted systems are also becoming increasingly popular. Instead of covering an entire roof, these systems are designed to be placed on a wall. They’re attractive and efficient, perfect for small or medium-sized properties that don’t have enough space for a full rooftop installation. The panels can be mounted directly onto any external wall with minimal fuss, and they have a great, modern look that compliments most building types.

Ground mounted solar system

Ground mounted solar systems are the perfect solution for those who want a more efficient way to power their property without compromising on aesthetics. These systems use a sturdy structure and frame which can be installed into the ground, making them ideal for large properties or homes with expansive gardens. As well as being aesthetically pleasing and very efficient, they also have the advantage of not taking up any roof space, and mean you can maintain the clean and tidy appearance of your property.

Looking to buy UK solar panels?

Solar panel systems are becoming increasingly popular and efficient, and these days the aesthetics of them aren’t as much of a concern as they used to be. From flat roof mounted systems to wall mounted and ground-mounted solar panels, there is something for everyone that will not only save you energy but also make your property look great.

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Installing solar panels quickly and easily

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