Lumos PV Power Systems offers solar panel installations in Oxford, Oxfordshire. Professional solar panel installers for domestic & commercial clients.

Solar photovoltaic panels work by taking daylight and converting it into electricity. These panels — sometimes referred to as solar PV panels — work even in overcast conditions, and enable property owners to source energy in a simultaneously cost-effective and eco-friendly way.

Lumos PV Power Systems Ltd has installers capable of fitting solar PV systems to domestic and commercial properties alike in Oxford as well as elsewhere in the Cotswolds. Households and businesses can therefore make long-term savings on their energy bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Essentially, solar panels comprise solar cells each made from silicon. Sunlight that shines on these cells energises electrons inside them, resulting in the smooth flow of an electric current.

Usually, solar panels produce direct current (DC), which can be directly used to power DC appliances or batteries. However, as many UK properties instead require alternating current (AC), a solar PV installation will usually include an inverter for converting the solar power from DC to AC.

You can trust Lumos installers with affixing solar panels to your property’s roof. Though you could opt to simply use solar energy as soon as it is generated, another option is to have battery storage added to your solar PV system, enabling you to store solar electricity for use at a later time.

This system can provide you with a valuable source of renewable energy and help you to cut your carbon footprint. You would also be able to sell surplus electricity back to the grid as well as benefit from lower maintenance costs than what is applicable with other electric generators.

How to enquire with Lumos

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